On today’s ep I’ve got Sophie Howard, who is an absolute Amazon-selling beast! (https://aspiringentrepreneurs.com) She’s an excellent product “sourcer” and loves the launch process.  We have a fabulous chat about what makes an Amazon product work, and how to become a seller and even build a channel that someone might buy from you.

Check out her membership program at https://aspiringentrepreneurs.com/membership

Sophie Howard is a 7-figure Amazon seller and online business coach. Sophie helps entrepreneurs source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. She has sold two Amazon businesses, one for 7-figures USD and currently building her third global brand.

Sophie created Product University and the Amazon Navigator as online training to help online sellers source profitable products, follow a step by step process and get up and selling fast on Amazon.

Coaching gives more personal feedback from Sophie and her team, with “done for you” services to help you get results faster.

Sophie also invites her students to join her on Trade Show trips around the world sourcing unique products to sell online. Sophie teaches a very different approach to product selection, sourcing and making sure your Amazon business is resilient, profitable and sellable.

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