Solopreneurs! Don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t about “hey, check me out, look what I did!”. It’s essentially a primer on how to launch a business and brand from scratch.

I take you through the steps I took (sort of, in no particular order) to launch the podcast and brand. This is one of those things where we hear the same things over and over, but we really have to just DO it and watch the amazing results that happen.

That’s what we’ve got cookin’ on episode 727 of The Solopreneur Hour, check it out!

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Below are the 10 steps, in a nutshell.  On the episode, I expand on each one so you can get the full scope of what went into every step. Listen closely to hear how each step applies to your business, and see if you don’t just come away with some new insights and ideas!

Here they are…

10 Things I Did Right:

1. I was patient, and let the brand come to me.
You can’t rush this step, it needs to be organic. Do your research, make sure it’s a great niche AND that it’s also something that’s unique to you and something you know about. Don’t pick a niche because it’s hot and other people are making money in that area, choose the thing that is YOU. This takes time so be patient and let it evolve.

2. I made real connections with people that were critical to the launch of the show.
Pat Flynn and Mike Johnson were critical to this show, I had built relationships with these guys prior to the launch of this show. As you heard in step one they were both critical to The Solopreneur Hour’s existence. So build relationships, real relationships, and it will pay off.

3. I studied the craft of broadcasting, including interview techniques, live ad reads, etc.
This is important for anything you do: study, study, study. A great example of this is Howard Stern and his interviewing techniques. Regardless of how you feel about him as a person Howard is one of the greatest interviewers of our generation. Even if you aren’t a podcaster you can learn from him.

Check out Howard’s interview of Dan Bilzerian, it’s linked below. Study how he does what he does, especially when he gets Dan to open up. And be sure to research your topic, unless you’re presenting it as your opinion. It’s your responsibility as a podcaster, a blogger, a video content creator, etc. Any time you are sharing knowledge with the general public in some capacity you need to know why what you’re sharing is both relevant and accurate. So study and research.

4. I didn’t let adversity get in the way.  No excuses.
As you may or may not know about 3 weeks before this show was set to launch I was hit by a car while I was biking. It was a brutal month of recovery with a broken collarbone and road rash in 19 places on my body. I could’ve easily said I was going to postpone it, but I didn’t. I dug in and put it out there because I had made a public commitment to do so. So go for it, no matter what.

5. I nailed the identity, using psychological triggers, important ownable keywords, and good design sensibility.
I had a headstart in this area as a designer, but don’t let that stop you! You can get help here, and you should if you don’t have a design background or marketing knowledge or SEO knowledge. While you’re in this process make sure you zag where everyone else zigs. There are tons of resources available so get after it.

6. I went to conferences and got to know the players.
This is mission critical! I know you have lots of things to overcome to get there (kids, time, money, etc), but this is beyond vital for your business and your success. All the connections you need are made here: in the hallway, after hours at the bar, this is where business gets done. It’s the new golf course!

7. I got the right gear for the job.
You don’t have to get the high-end, super expensive gear to get started, just make sure you’re getting quality. Especially if you are a podcaster you absolutely must have amazing audio quality. You can upgrade as you go along, just make sure what you’ve got at the beginning is high quality. Set yourself up for success from the beginning.

8. I saw the people that were doing it well, and I studied and mimicked them.

I had been a podcast fan for years before I launched it, so I knew how I wanted to structure it. I had been – and continue – to mimic the people who do it the best. I liked Joe Rogan and used his show as inspiration; I mimicked it.

9. I tirelessly promoted once I launched.

First let your friends and loved ones that you’re doing this, tell them you’re going to need their help. Have a good Twitter following, a lot of Facebook friends, have that social media contingency to help you promote. But do it organically, share great content and your episodes. 5k is probably the number to aim for.Need some how-to in this area? Read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, even though it’s six years old it’s still completely relevant. Find it in the links below.

10. I thanked every person that contributed, and have tried to stay in that mindset throughout the length of the show.
Every person who commented on the blog, or sent an email or a Tweet I thanked them. It might take me two months to respond but I do get back to them and thank them.  It’s super fun to hear from all of you and I’m incredibly grateful to every single person who listens to the show. Without you, there’s no me! And special thanks to Live Work Epic for the cool podcast gear.

Now that we’ve covered what I did right stay tuned for the 10 Things I Did WRONG!

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: What steps hit home the most for you and why?

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