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Beyond 8 Figures
Starting a business is hard. Scaling a business is even harder. And, exiting a business is harder still. So, why do some companies struggle to reach six figures in revenue while others scale to 8 figures and beyond while achieving lucrative exits for its founders?

This is the core question one of my favorite new podcasts, Beyond 8 Figures, sets out to answer. Week after week, serial entrepreneur Steve Olsher sits down with accomplished entrepreneurs who have ALL either exited for more than $10,000,000, or currently run businesses that generate more than $10,000,000 annually, to uncover the proven methodologies, tactics, strategies and key differentiators that fuel their success.

From CEOs and Founders, to billionaires, newly minted millionaires and corporate Icons from myriad industries, Beyond 8 Figures asks the questions other shows won’t dare to ask and digs deep to find the answers you need to Start, Scale or Exit YOUR business.

I’m a big fan of the show. Take a listen to Beyond 8 Figures on iTunes, Stitcher or simply go to to access all of the available episodes and I think you’ll understand why.
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