On today’s FCF, I answer all these awesome questions:

  • Not a question but some feedback. Your latest episode about Rennch EXPLODED over the airwaves. That was the sound of passion, goals, doer, fun, creativity – the very essence of sloopreneur life – I raise a cup of tea in your name.  OK – Here’s 1 quick question then…….Does a sense of urgency bring the best out of YOU?
  • How do you deal with overwhelm? That time when you think you have everything under control and then clients change things last minute and it’s out of your control and you have to just get on with the work but there’s not enough time to get it all done in the time that’s available. How do you deal with or avoid that?
  • Do you use a local (to you) vendor for the gear in your website store? How does the backend infrastructure work with a site like Storenvy? I don’t want to be handling the orders – at all. Let the technology do the work! Have an awesome weekend, and the “Jack Bag” is brilliant!
  • What are your thoughts on the THINKIFIC platform for building and hosting your online educational content, programs, etc?  If you haven’t played with it, what else on this subject would you suggest for building that level of content for loyal followers to invest in themselves with?
  • How do I go from dreamer with tons of ideas, currently crushing it for someone else, to an entrepreneur with ONE idea crushing it for myself?