Jayse Hansen built a reputation as a creative-art director for print/web/motion design with clients ranging from Coca Cola, Intel, Symantec, HBO and MTV.  He now specializes in pure geekness: the ultra-niche VFX area of fictional UI (FUI) design. This is mainly the advanced computer displays, holograms, HUDs and data design you rarely see in feature films. He’s worked on mega blockbusters such as Spider-man: Homecoming, Disney’s Big Hero 6, Ender’s Game, and contributed to mega-franchises like Iron Man, Avengers, Hunger Games, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. This has also led to real-world projects helping to define next generation Fighter-Jet HUDs and advanced volumetric data displays, AR+VR for clients such as Northrop Grumman, Army Research Labs, Meta and other places he’s not allowed to mention, or he’ll have to kill you.

You can see more of Jayse’s work on his site at Jayse.tv

He’s on instagram at @jayse_