Kate EOFireYou’ve heard the expression: behind every great man is a great woman. And that’s equally true, if not more so, in the world of podcasting. A prime example is Kate Erickson. Don’t recognize her name? She’s the content genius behind the  Entrepeneur on Fire podcast. This special episode shares a real behind the scenes look at how Entrepreneur on Fire came to be, and how important content is to grow your brand.

From her early days as an athlete to her career path in advertising and marketing agencies, Kate shares her personal journey and the story of how her relationship with John began and how she became an integral part of the Entrepeneur on Fire community.

You’ll hear Kate talk about:

  • Her first six months with EOFire.com and how she came onboard full-time
  • Her thoughts on beginning strategies for podcasters
  • The Pat Flynn Effect
  • How she and John work side by side every day while still keeping a great personal relationship
  • Would she ever host her own podcast?

It was a pleasure to have Kate join us for episode 78 and she BROUGHT IT. She’s a wise and talented woman who knows how to create great content for any solopreneurial business – not just podcasts. And in this show, she shares important nuggets she’s gleaned over the years.

Take a listen and then let Kate know how much you loved having her on the show!

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