JLD has written a *banger*.  Of all my years in this entrepreneurial space, all of the “how to” book have been incomplete…until now.  John has absolutely lifted the kimono on what it takes to create a successful side hustle, solopreneur business, or fire your boss and launch your own thing.  This is a MUST read for any aspiring, or successful entrepreneur.

5 preorder bonuses
Bonuses end March 23rd (but you’re a loser if you wait that long.)
  1. All three journals to your door.  Freedom, Podcast, Mastery Journals
  2. Lost Content 1 Hour Talk
  3. Live AMA
  4. Companion Guide PDF Workbook
  5. Video Interviews
Book Breakdown
  1. Identify your big idea
  2. Discover your niche
  3. Create your avatar  (jimmy is john’s)
  4. Choose your platform
  5. Find your mentor (Shawn Stevenson)
  6. Join or create a mastermind (tim Ferriss story)
  7. Design your content production plan  (jld still edits. That’s the *creation*)  tell Kate Erickson joke from roast.
  8. Create content. – “when creating content, be the best answer on the internet “ – Andy Crestodina
  9. Launch
  10. Pinpoint your avatars biggest struggle (why not prior to content) (short convos to mastermind. Sololab creation)
  11. Prove the concept and craft the solution
  12. Build your funnel
  13. Diversify your revenue streams
  14. Increase your traffic
  15. Implement systems and build a team
  16. Create affiliate partnerships (integration)
  17. Keep the money you make
  18. The well of knowledge  “when one teaches, two learn” Robert heinlein. (I love the quote/summary of this chapter)
  19. Index is cool