Vinnie TortorichFrom the swamps of Louisiana to the red carpets of Hollywood, our guest for episode 83 has seen it all. Vinnie Tortorich is best known for his success as a celebrity trainer, but he’s also a podcaster and author.

In this episode, we talk about what it’s like when your significant other is a Bond girl (he is attached to the lovely Serena Scott Thomas), the hustle it takes to succeed in Hollywood or anywhere else today and Vinnie’s early days as a college athlete and model.

We dug into some other great content too, topics like:

  • The origins of The Angriest Trainer podcast
  • The four ways to grow your audience online
  • The scientific definition of a calorie and do calories actually matter?
  • Has Vinnie ever been employable?
  • How he lands celebrity clients: it’s not what you might think

Vinnie’s blatant honesty and solopreneurial spirit shine in this episode. He’s not shy about expressing his opinions on the state of Americans’ health and why fad diets don’t work. It isn’t all health and fitness though; he also talks openly about why he believes some people don’t succeed as business owners and why others do.

When I met Vinnie at NMX earlier this year, I knew he was someone I wanted on the show so I was thrilled we made it happen.

If you loved having Vinnie on the show as much as I did, let him know!

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