Today’s guest is Chris Zissis.  Chris has a unique business where he creates MASSIVE income generating YouTube channels, and sells them like real estate.

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Chris’ Bio: 

I build 6 and 7 figure passive income YouTube channels for entrepreneurs without needing their time or for them to show their faces.
  • Over 3 billion views accumulated from the channels I run
  • Millions of dollars from YouTube ad revenue alone
  • 10’s of millions of subscribers from my own channel network
  • Channels producing 5-10 million views a month like clockwork
  • Have taken multiple channels from 0 – 50k subscribers in 90 days
  • Have taken multiple channels from 0 – 10k per month in 90 days
My names Chris Zissis, my team and I run close to 100 automated youtube channels for clients. We are producing thousands of videos a month and generating 100’s of thousands of dollars a month in ad revenue from these channels. I’ve been doing YouTube for 4 years now and have seen a lot of what YouTube has to offer its creators when done properly. Most people get burnt out when they try to create their own content, they procrastinate, get in their own head and then eventually never create anything which then prevents them from achieving the goals they think they want. I build these faceless channels for clients as a passive source of income as my team and I handle everything, but also to allow clients to see first hand the potential of YouTube’s monetization structure and exposure when done properly.