Hi all!

Back for another FCF!  It was great to be back in the saddle again answering your questions.  At the end of the show, I had a bolt of inspiration that could literally make one of our listeners a million dollars.  Have a listen for a realtime million dollar idea!

The questions:

Omar Zenhom
Can you learn charisma?
– Seriously though, if you don’t have ‘it” can you learn it? I often wonder this.

Michael, you have presence on the mic and can handle yourself well in a public convo. Is that something you developed or always had and got a bit better at it over time?

Scotty John Russell
What happened to the crypto market?

Emma Tummon
Michael, I want to make very brief wellness tutorials for the people with a short attention span, and I have valuable and fun info to give, but I don’t have a very aesthetic or professional set up to make these videos yet. Should I keep it simple and go for it? Or keep it simple-ish and get a backdrop? I have borrowed a light from my friend. Signed, a student who is almost done university and opened her own business in April.

Kirsten Waldschmidt
Michael O’Neal I love your free coaching Friday’s! I don’t have any business ideas right now, I still have my book folding business but haven’t been doing too much because it’s getting harder to see…lol…just turned 47. If I open it back up I need a new price point, right now I sell the books for $35.00 which doesn’t really cover my time. One book takes anywhere between 1.5-3 hours to fold. Have a great day Michael.

Jolene Beaton
I have heard that you need to be super clear on what you do so that people willCome and buy…so what if you are an entrepreneur who has many different hobbies, interested, business ideas, how do you keep your personal brand aligned with selling different products /programs in different areas…