Residual payments? Never heard of him.

Just kidding.  On today’s episode, we delve into an entirely new vertical of making money passively…residual payment processing.  I had never heard of this, so I brought on one of the premier players in the game, Mr. David Carlin of Carlin Global.  He walks us through how to get started, and what we can expect from this *very* passive income (once it’s set up) business.

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Before digital payments, David’s life was summed up with one word: business.

People start businesses for a variety of reasons, but the most common factor is experience. With firsthand experience on the other side of the digital payments industry, David was aware of the struggles other business owners faced when it came to accepting payments.

What he didn’t know what just how much residual income his sales agent was making on his monthly volume. That’s exactly how David found himself on the front lines of the digital payments industry. Garnering a wealth of knowledge through his wildly successful e-commerce business and multiple joint ventures, David’s ingenuity and integrity — coupled with his art of the deal — make him the driving force behind Residual Payments.