Today we had Richard Mugica from on the show. The sales process is integrated into everything we do as solopreneurs. If you’ve ever had to “sell” what’s for dinner with the kids, then you know what we are talking about.  Unfortunatey, we don’t all possess the skillsets to close our high ticket items…that’s where Richard and his team step in.  In this show we talk about a few awesome things:

  1. Creating Value digitally
  2. Overcoming objections
  3. People looking for reasons NOT to work with someone.
  4. Hone your copywriting skills
  5. How you can practice sales in real life
  6. How comedy relates to sales (understanding the premise is planting the imagination of the potential client)
  7. How to sell without selling (get permission from them…3 step)
  8. What kind of software – Basic, intermediate, advanced.
  9. The best sales book

Check richard and his team out when you are ready to take it to the next level!