Carla White is software pioneer, podcast host and coach helping entrepreneurs make $100K+ using audio. She is first woman to ever launch an iPhone app and has been featured on Oprah, NBC, NYTimes and countless other publications.
After getting an MBA, working at the Pentagon and learning how to speak multiple languages, Carla found herself living out of her car and eating leftovers off of people’s plates. She went from having $47 in her pocket to flying first class around the world by combing software and coaching.
Carla’s life changed the day a client revealed to her that audio helped save her son from suicide 😢. See, Carla converted her trainings into audio so that her client could binge the entire course and as a result, her client transformed who she was. She became a mom her son could confide in. This woke Carla up to the possibilities of audio and coaching.
But there wasn’t a platform that distributed audio securely, easily, using apps people already had on their phone. So Carla created
Carla has poured countless hours and dollars into producing the highest quality platforms with remarkable value so that coaches and consultants can help their clients at the highest level without tech headaches, VA’s and time issues.