Justin Croxton of Propellant Media (http://propellant.media) comes by to talk about geofencing.  When you learn the true power of geofencing, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without it for so long! It’s a must have for brick and mortar businesses.

About Justin:

As Managing Partner/CEO of Propellant Media (www.propellant.media), Justin oversees and partners with the team in creating innovative and profit driven marketing programs including lead generation and geofencing marketing that can drive engagement, search engine traffic, and most importantly revenues to our brands and organizations. Our claim to fame has been geofencing marketing, which allows us to target people in very precise areas…all the way to the contours of buildings. Be it our lead generation (Pay Per Lead) platform to our other digital advertising solutions (Facebook Ads, Adwords, Geofencing Marketing). We’ll have a program that best fits your customer acquisition objectives. Visit us at www.propellant.media to learn more.
Website Address: www.propellant.media
Tiktok: – Instagram: @justincroxton