This is one of my favorite episodes of all time.  You’ll learn more in this one episode from multiple courses and months of training.  If not, I’ll refund your money.  🙂

Today we have Blitz Metrics ( founder and CEO, Dennis Yu on the show. We were also joined by Jordan Paris, who wrote Growth Mindset University, and hosts the Growth Mindset University Podcast.  Dennis shared with us something he’s never shared on a show before, which is his “9 triangles” concept. (I added “of destiny”…because it’s awesome)  I have to say, in 783 episodes, I’ve never heard business success summarized this well. This is an episode that will instantly go in the “best of” category. Below are the nine triangles. Tune into the show for descriptions on each.

The 9 Triangles
Learn Do Teach
Do Delegate Delete
Content Checklist Software
Communicate Iterate Delegate
Marketing Operation Finance
Goals Content Targeting
Awareness Consideration Conversion
Metrics Analysis Action
Specialist Business Partner

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