Jaime TardyImagine making your living by interviewing people like Michael Hyatt, Clay Collins, Dane Maxwell and other successful millionaires. What would be different about your life? In episode 88, Jaime Tardy tells us exactly what it’s like and how it’s impacted her life.

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Ever since she can remember, Jaime Tardy has been fascinated by being a millionaire. For her, it wasn’t about the actual monetary value; it was about the process and what it would take to make a million dollars.

By the young of age 22, she was on her way: she had a great-paying job with an expense account…but also with incredibly long hours. Within a few short years, she was exhausted and absolutely dreaded Monday mornings. She decided there was a better way; she was going to find something she loved to do, enjoy her life and THEN make a million.

That’s when the concept of “Eventual Millionaire” came to her. She jumped on the domain name and began the journey that led her to today’s success.

The finer details of this show include:

  • How the Eventual Millionaire brand came about.
  • Is $1 million enough for retirement?
  • True Grit: what it is and why it matters to your success.
  • Why you should ask someone who has successfully done what you are doing.
  • Coaching vs mentoring: what does she think the differences are? And when do you need each?

Jaime’s solopreneur hustle began early on: she sold books to earn some money as a child, she had the usual lemonade stand, etc. She took that same hustle and applied it to her idea for the Eventual Millionaire.

Like all great businesses, EM began as a mere idea. With dedication, hard work and “true grit”, her persistence paid off. Today she has appeared in such notable media outlets as CNN and Yahoo’s Homepage. Jaime and her story are the embodiment of the solopreneur’s progression.


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