wesRemember when you could walk into your local supermarket and the cashier made polite conversation with you, maybe even remembered you if you were a regular customer? Remember what it was like to actually connect with a human being when you called a business?  According to our guest for episode 90, the only businesses that are going to succeed in 2014 are the ones who do just that: connect on a human level.

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Rejoining us for our 90th episode is our friend, mega-successful entrepreneur and podcaster, Wesley Chapman. If you missed his first appearance or just want to refresh your memory about Wes, you can hear all about him here.

Wes recorded with us in Studio 86 to talk about authenticity, vulnerability and his new endeavor, “A Human Project”. We even discovered Wes is a Star Trek nerd!

Star Trek aside, the bulk of our conversation was about how businesses are going to succeed in 2014 by becoming real again. It’s time for businesses to get human. We as consumers have evolved beyond the hype, the hoopla and the BS that has permeated marketing messaging over the last decade or two. People are wise and savvy now; the consumer is dictating how businesses are run, not the other way around any longer.

As consumers we want vulnerability and authenticity. When we as customers know what’s at your core and what fuels your business, then and only then will we make a purchasing decision. It all boils down to being real, being human with your market.

And Wes Chapman is leading the charge with his company, A Human Project.

Wes believes in the power of connection and the importance of highly honed soft skills in communication; how you present yourself and how you interact with actual humans will go a long way to determining the success of your business.

The finer details of this show include:

  • Believe in what you already know – it’s enough to create a GREAT business
  • How does Wes continue to be successful and what does he say for the future of entrepreneurship and solopreneurs?
  • Do you need to be super high tech to be successful in 2014?
  • What’s the most powerful mktg strategy?
  • How not to be part of the “Ask Me How” brigade
  • What Wes has to say about branding and its importance to your business

As Wes shares in this show, the more human you are and the more authentically you communicate, the more people are going to connect with you. Eventually that connection builds trust and they become your most loyal clients who buy whatever it is you’re offering. But first comes the authenticity and the connection, then the trust and then the purchase.

Whether you’re podcasting, blogging, using social media or creating videos in 2014, it all begins with vulnerability and authenticity. You’ve got to tell the world who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Wes’ advice on how to do this? Take a look at your business and figure out how you can become more human.

If you take that context and create your marketing, your messaging and the foundation of your company, that’s when you’ll find true success in the marketplace.


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