Pat-Flynn1-620x412Being memorable to your audience is one of the keys to any successful solopreneur endeavor. Whether you’re on the mic for your podcast or writing a blog entry or sharing a YouTube video, the content you offer and the way you offer has to get people talking about you and sharing it with their circles.

And Pat Flynn is a master at being memorable. From his Smart Passive Income blog and podcasts to his speaking gigs, Pat is transparent, funny and gets people thinking in new ways.

In episode 93, Pat makes his second visit to the show to talk about being memorable and much more.

More About This Show

After meeting at Blogworld in 2013, Pat and I became friends. He’s a fellow podcaster and a fellow San Diego resident; he’s also one of the two influences that led to the creation of TSH. If you’re new to the show or just new to the Internet and don’t know Pat’s story, you can hear all about him on his first appearance on The Solopreneur Hour.

Having Pat return gave us a chance to dive deeper into his current successes, what he’s doing to expand his reach and what he sees as the keys to creating and keeping your podcast at the top.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • The art of the callback in comedy and in business.
  • Should we ever feel like we are “there”?
  • What would Pat do with $1,000 in 30 days?
  • How to get your podcast to the top, according to Pat.
  • Why he never reads his interviewee’s books before they are on his podcast.
  • What’s his opinion on advertising on podcasts?

Not only is Pat one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, he is also transparent and honest, especially when he shares about his path to his present day status. He puts his audience’s needs first and understands it is only what they think that truly matters. Like any great teacher, Pat learns as much or more from teaching and giving to his audience, as they learn from him.

As you listen to this show, you’ll hear how he feels a sense of responsibility and commitment to his audience. He is committed to providing value, and not just earning quick cash because of his level of influence. It’s because of that focus and intent, that he has become a mega-watt solopreneur success.

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