NickULeveling up: it’s a phrase you’ve probably heard by now. But do you know what it actually means or why it’s even important? After this show you will.

Joining us to talk about that very tactic is our guest for episode 96, Mr. Nick Unsworth. Nick is our friend as well as being an outstanding Facebook marketing expert, business coach extraordinaire and new podcaster. He also happens to be a man who knows how to create his visions and make things happen; in this episode, he lets us in on a few of his secrets.

More About This Show

There comes a point in every solopreneur’s journey when they have to take the next step. It could be leaving the stifling comfort of a 9-5 and a steady paycheck, hiring a virtual assistant or paying for a coach even when the money’s not there in the moment.

Whatever the scenario, leveling up is the way to make it happen. You have to look at where you want to go and make decisions based on where you are going, NOT where you are.

In this show, Nick and I talk about times in our lives when we’ve leveled up, what those experiences have meant for us and our businesses. We talk about the significant role leveling up plays in moving your business forward from a one-person self-employed business model to a fully-functioning, self-running operation.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • Elevating your expenses can be a good thing.
  • Why are the 3 S’s so important? Here’s a hint: They are story, stance and strategy.
  • How to reframe your challenges into your biggest opportunities and triumphs.
  • The progression from self-employed solopreneur to business owner and time freedom.
  • How action, imperfect and every other type of action, trumps all.
  • The importance of anchor clients: how to get them and how to properly use them in your business.

And one of the best ways to get to that self-sustaining business model is through coaching. It’s one of the common themes for this show and so many of the episodes in 2014. There isn’t a single person I know who is succeeding in business who does not have a coach. In fact, Nick has two: a business coach and a personal development coach.

However and wherever you want to take your business to its next expansion, leveling up is how you get there. And a great coach will guide you and keep you on track through that process.

It’s a strategy Nick and I have both used to hit major milestones and goals we’ve set in our businesses; I hope when you listen to this episode, you’ll hear how to use it for yourself. Add your comment below and share with us the next stage you’re leveling up to!


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