ReWhen someone says branding, what do you think of? Do you immediately think logo, like the famous Nike swoosh? Or do you think of the way you feel when you’re behind the wheel of your favorite car, or the way you feel when you step inside a Ralph Lauren store?

Branding goes beyond a logo; at its core, branding is about how you feel when you interact with a company. Joining us to talk about all this and more is my fellow San Diego resident and brand consulting expert, Re Perez. Re is the creator and brand strategist behind many incredible brands, including our friend Nick Unsworth’s Life on Fire brand.

More About This Show

Re Perez has a long history of branding from his early days of graphic communications at NYU to his recent business, Branding for the People. He knows the ins and outs about what makes a brand an actual brand – and not just a company with a nice-looking logo.

And in episode 89, he shares his insights and vast knowledge on how to create that perfect brand for your business.

Re believes that if you look at branding solely as your logo, you diminish the full potential of what a brand can and is meant to do. We also talk at length about the necessity of a creative brief, what it is and why it is one of the most vital tools you can have in your back pocket when you’re creating your brand and your visual identity.

The finer details of this show include:

  • How a simple word creates an entire picture: the library effect.
  • The location ninja lesson and why it’s important for your brand.
  • Why it took me 3 months to get 8 words, and why it was worth the wait.
  • What’s the first step in building your brand?
  • Why business cards are dead – unless they do this one thing.

Truly, when you pinpoint your brand, people get what you’re up to instantly. And one of the fastest ways to create that strong brand is with a strong creative brief. Re breaks down the components of a creative brief and how to accurately convey your message in each section. He also stresses the same message David Roth did when he was on the show and that’s to answer this one question: “What feeling do you want to give people with your business?”

When you find the answer to that question, you’ve taken an important step in discovering the who, what and why of your brand. To help you in your branding process, there’s an example of a creative brief in the resources section below.

Find it, fill it out and share in the comments section what you discovered!


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Episode Resources

Re’s site
Re on Facebook
Re on Twitter
Creative Brief example
Life on Fire (Re’s branding)
David Roth
Fire and Adjust

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