Working Alone…Together

I know how you’re feeling. There’s no way you want to stay at that job where you’ve been punching the clock, but where to start building this new life…this new you?

There are so many options when it comes to how we’re going to build our time and financial freedom, and it’s often hard to narrow down the choices.  Beyond that, how do you develop the correct, specific set of tools necessary to create a sustainable business?  How will you learn about marketing? Branding? Online marketing? Podcasting? Public speaking? Business acumen?  And the myriad other things you need to know to really master your craft?

One of the tenets of The Solopreneur Hour is to “Surround Yourself With Success”.  There’s truly nothing better than to have a group of like-minded people to share your ideas with, help you formulate others, and guide you through the specific tools and trainings you need to make your business successful.

That’s where the SoloLab comes in.  Imagine having a resource available to you 24/7 where you can bounce ideas off of people anywhere in the world, to get feedback on that new idea.  And have others help you shape it into a razor sharp edge, ready to take on the world.  Imagine weekly Google hangouts, entrepreneurial conversations

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