Unemployable™ Hat For Sale

Created using my favorite premium hat, the FlexFit™, you can now proudly represent “knowing too much”, and being on the path to time, location, and financial freedom!  As a bonus, it’s a great conversation starter, and may open some cool doors for you as well.  These are very limited edition, so once we sell through the first batch, it’s unknown when we’ll do another!




Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Shipping & Handling Situation: These puppies are custom made, per hat.  Meaning, I’m not ordering 250 of them.  They cost about $27.00 out the door, unless there’s a volume discount of $4/hat. The rest of the costs are as follows: Crush Resistant Box: $2.65, Insurance $1.65, Packing Material $1.00, Paypal Final Sales Fees: $2.00, Average Postage $8.00. So, I’m lucky if I don’t lose a few bucks on these.  But I’d rather see them on your head.  So, there you have it.